My value to you as a real estate agent when you are buying a home or land.

My real estate business is focused on selling homes to boaters along the Gulf Coast of Florida. I know the depths of the canals and access to the Gulf of Mexico because I boat and fish along the Gulf Coast of Florida and I live in Hernando Beach FL. What is Indirect vs Direct Access? Marked vs unmarked channels? This is the kind of information that few real estate agents know, and you can not find on Zillow about this area.

I was born in Tampa, and I have lived my life along the Gulf Coast of Florida fishing/boating in these waters. My family has had a fishing camp at the mouth of the Suwannee River and Gulf of Mexico for over 100 years. My mother was born in Mayo FL and my grandmother was born in Bell FL. My dad grew up on St Pete Beach.

I know and understand the Gulf Coast of Florida like few other real estate agents could even imagine. I live it and I sell it!

Do not trust Zillow, when buying a direct gulf access home along the west coast of Florida

Most people don’t realize that Zillow is simply copying the information that other real estate agents put in MLS unfortunately, many times those agents are providing in accurate information because they simply just don’t know any better. I am a hyper local agent that lives in Hernando Beach. The reality is Zillow has no clue if the house has direct access or indirect Gulf of Mexico access. They are simply relying on the information published in MLS that may or may not be accurate. The biggest mistake you can make is to work with somebody that doesn’t live on the water in our community.

Selling waterfront properties from Bradenton Florida to Steinhatchee Florida

My personal real estate expertise is along the gulf coast of Florida from Bradenton, Florida to the Steinhatchee river. I’m happy to share with you the amazing places to live along the stretch of Florida on and off the water

Buyers and sellers of real estate today. Have access to amazing amounts of real estate information.

In today’s real estate market place both buyers and sellers have the ability to look at what is for sale in the market and what homes similar to theirs have sold for so you cannot assume that the person that you’re dealing with does not have a critical information they need to know about the value of their home.

What are the big questions I get asked by Buyers is our real estate values going to crash

During any real estate transaction you’re gonna get a lot of advice be careful who you listen to

The reality is many buyers of real estate do not have a clue what they are doing... they will get advise from many people during the transaction.... I just suggest who you listen to and why they are giving you that advise.... think.... is that what the contract says?

The difference between mortgage brokers and direct lenders

Their is a huge difference when getting a mortgage between a direct mortgage lender who loans money from their company and a mortgage broker that is farming out your loan to a number of lenders. The direct lender has complete control of the loan, the processor, the underwriter and closing process.... A mortgage broker has no control over that lender.... they are at the mercy of a third party that may or may not preform on time or with any predictable standards. The cost of using a mortgage broker are often higher than a direct lender .... so before you assume that mortgage broker is a better deal you may want to check with direct lenders.

A wide ranging discussion about owning and running an Airbnb in Hernando Beach Florida

Buyer beware if you’re thinking about buying a for sale by owner home

The home buying process

The Home buying process: 4 critical steps along the way to buying and closing on the home with your dreams


When you meet with us, we'll get to know you to understand your buying or selling goals, and explain each process so you know what to expect. We will come prepared with comparable property data to show you how much to list the property for or what a reasonable home purchase price would be. We will also show you the innovative technology we use to market your listing or find your home and manage the whole transaction to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. You will never feel left in the dark when you work with our team - we keep you in the loop so you know what's going on every step of the way.

See what its like to work with a team who always puts your needs first. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See what its like to work with a team who always puts your needs first. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ready to get started? We work with each client individually, taking the time to understand their unique lifestyles, needs and wishes. Let’s start talking about your purchase or sale & find out how we can help improve your lifestyle.

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