Best time to sell real estate in Hernando Beach and Hudson Florida

Best time to sell real estate in Hernando Beach and Hudson Florida is January to June. Why?

Because...The most number of people are in Florida than any other time of the year... Tourist are here for the warm weather from across America and around the world.... Snowbirds are here.... People with kids at home are here because their kids are in school....People are without kids at home because the weather is nice.... More people equals more possible buyers....

My value to you as a real estate agent when your are selling a home or lot

My value to you as a real estate agent when your are selling a home or lot.

I am a full time agent with outstanding skills and experience! The average real estate agent sells 8 transactions a year. I sell an average of 8 transactions a month! My extensive experience, skills and abilities will save you money and stress with your real estate transaction. I have over 25 years of experience running my own business as an elite sales/marketing professional in real estate and other industries. I have a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and a BA in Urban and Regional Land Use Planning.

As a full time agent doing 90+ transactions a year for over 8 years, I have seen it all…My hard earned experience will save you time, money and stress with your real estate needs. So many real estate agents today are just too new or unskilled to do know what they are even doing… Many work only part time as a real estate agent…Most do not live in this area.. Most do not own a boat!

Do you want to trust a transaction like this to an inexperienced, part timer that does not know the area?

The difference between selling homes vs land in my coastal towns of Florida

Selling your house for sale by owner do you really know how to put all the right wording into MLS?

Buyers and sellers of real estate today. Have access to amazing amounts of real estate information.

In today’s real estate market place both buyers and sellers have the ability to look at what is for sale in the market and what homes similar to theirs have sold for so you cannot assume that the person that you’re dealing with does not have a critical information they need to know about the value of their home.

What happens during a listing presentation?

So many people are scared to ask a realtor to come over to talk about listing their home because they do not want some high pressure pitch and then months of harassment...

If you call me to discussing selling your home.... My approach is very simple.... I ask for a tour of your home... We discuss the thing you want to do not not do to prepare for home for being sold.... I discuss what is happening in the real estate market today..... together we look at past sales and homes on the market like yours... Then we determine a value the home will sell for.... Then we discuss home much money you walk way with from selling your home. At that point, I am done... no pressure... no harassment.... simple easy and relaxed.... you have the information you need to make a decision on the next step for you.... it up to you....

New type of Real Estate Agent.... Listing in Multiple MLS... Using Videos on YouTube...

I am doing Real Estate a new way..... Listing on Multiple MLS services because most agents are just a member on 1 MLS .... I am a member of 3 different MLS services... I put Videos on YouTube with over 43,000 minutes viewed last year...I put your home on Zillow, Redfin,,, and many more you never knew about but buyers do..... The bottom line is exposing your home to more agents and buyers is critical to finding a buyer for your home.

You do not need to update your home to sell it

Many times sellers think they need to make updates to their home before selling.... most of the time they are wasting their time and money.... I suggest that seller just clean their home and do some decluttering then put it on the market.

Local real estate expert working full time selling homes

I was born in Tampa and Grew up in Lutz....I run my own real estate brokerage working full time as a real estate agent closing over 100 transactions a year on average. I love the Gulf but I sell homes all over Florida.... I live in Hernando Beach but I work in Hudson, Spring Hill and Weeki Wachee selling home both on and off the water. My years of expertise selling homes is the key to helping you with the advise you need to get your house sold.

I am a real estate broker working one to one to help you sell your home.

I am here to guide you thru the selling process and offer advice.

When I list your home I want Maximum exposure both to Buyers but also to other real estate agents.

As a real estate broker, I am a member of three different multiple listing services. Meaning I am getting exposure for my listings via the local Hernando MLS stellar MLS which covers 27 counties in Florida and In Citrus MLS. My goal is to get your home the maximum exposure both to buyers into other real estate agents buyers so they can show your house and we can get your house sold.

Reaching the right buyers to maximize your value for you as a Seller

4 steps along the way to selling your home


When you meet with us, we'll get to know you to understand your buying or selling goals, and explain each process so you know what to expect. We will come prepared with comparable property data to show you how much to list the property for or what a reasonable home purchase price would be. We will also show you the innovative technology we use to market your listing or find your home and manage the whole transaction to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. You will never feel left in the dark when you work with our team - we keep you in the loop so you know what's going on every step of the way.

See what its like to work with a team who always puts your needs first. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See what its like to work with a team who always puts your needs first. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ready to get started? We work with each client individually, taking the time to understand their unique lifestyles, needs and wishes. Let’s start talking about your purchase or sale & find out how we can help improve your lifestyle.

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